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Our stock provide everything from Auto Parts, Halogen Bulb , Miniature Bulb, LED SMD Bulb , Wire Harnesses , Hid Bulb and Automobile parts

Chang Yao Limited is one of the top manufacturers and worldwide suppliers of automotive Halogen bulbs, Xenon HID bulbs, and LED light (Socket holder, Automotive miniature bulbs), under its registered brand, CT, for over 40 years now, since its foundation in 1979.
We have managed to keep the highest standard of quality since we started manufacturing auto bulbs and led bulb, under the quality system of  ISO 9001: 2008(CNS 12681). Especially, for the automotive halogen bulbs, we have “DOT” approved by U.S., and ”E4“ approved by Nederland.

Chang Yao Limited has been growing, with the passion of developing innovative lighting products for safer driving. As reflected in our company motto, we pursue the sharing of values with our customers as well as mutual prosperity through honesty, creativity, social volunteering, and pursuit of the public interests.

We’ve been supplying our products to the different the world-class auto part OEMs lamp makers for car, motorcycle and truck.