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Product Reliability

Since its foundation, Chang Yao Limited has been committed to building trust in its more than 100 customer businesses in 50 countries around the world, and has continually developed and invested in the making of the best products and secured the best quality. The experts at Chang Yao Limited, the specialized auto bulb maker, conduct a wide range of tests on all the company’s products, such as shape measurement, lifespan, vibration and shock, and vision tests. Recognized for such efforts, Chang Yao Limited is supplying its products in OEM to world-class lamp housing companies and automakers. Our know-how and expertise in various tests and OE lighting enable us to provide you with best-quality products.

Geometry Test

Measures the precision in light source alignment and focus, inspects products according to ECE Regulation No. 37, and checks the filament geometry by item.

Light Flux Measurement

Tests the light flux and luminous intensity using the standard auto bulb; manages the inspection processes according to ECE Regulation No. 37

Deflection Test

Adopts a non-destructive test method for determining the relationship between the compressive load and the deflection for vulcanized rubber; manages the inspection processes according to SAE Regulation J1383; and conducts a halogen bulb deflection test by item.

Life Test

Checks the lifespan and lasting ability of the halogen bulb; manages the inspection processes according to ICE Regulation 60801; conducts a life expectancy test by item; owns a DC-type 270ch machine and an AC-type 335ch machine; and checks the realtime life span through a computerized control system.