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Chang Yao Company

1979 Year: Chang Yao Limited started from producing all kinds socket of the base which used by different auto bulbs, mainly product including all kinds of copper base.

1986 Year: Chang Yao Limited is start to producing the auto bulb as well as creates new design of the auto light and improves QC control.1993 Year: Chang Yao Limited is focus on providing the perfect new technical machinery to producing stable quality of the products with QC system and following professional technical into the international market.

2003 Year: Chang Yao Limited is doing new source to produce auto bulb by using led chips and replace the original light bulbs as well as entre the led market.

2008 Year: Chang Yao Limited is improving our software by ERP system to work out with our employee and training system.

2011 Year: Chang Yao Limited is following CNS specification and USA specifications are passing the auto bulb testing with EMARK certificate and DOT certificate.

2014 Year: Chang Yao Limited is passing ISO 9001: 2008(CNS 12681), quality Management QC017 and D&B D-U-N-S® Registered ™ in our manufactory.

2016 Year: Chang Yao Limited is opening new produce line on assemble some kinds of the connector on the lamp.